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What is Awesome Jar?But I have social media...?So how does it work?How did you come up with this?

What is Awesome Jar?

Do you catch yourself forgetting the little things? That day you had the impromptu barbecue. The time your sister slapped you with a beef tongue (yes, that happened). Or the moment you met your best friend.

How about the big things, like weddings, holidays, and birthdays?

Now there's Awesome Jar, the app that allows you to memorialize memories in text, video, and pictures with your friends, family and other loved ones.

But I have social media... ?

We have Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram and Pinterest to show everyone, everything, all the time. Awesome Jar allows you to tuck away the most awesome and precious memories in your life while they are fresh in your mind, saving them to be opened at a later time, time-capsule-style.

So how does it work?

It's super simple!

  1. Create a jar: Give it a name, and share it with your friends, family, coworkers... whoever! Simply enter one or more email addresses to share your jar. You can also set time frames that define when a jar can have new memories added, when it becomes closed, and when it can be viewed.
  2. Add memories: While a jar is "open", anyone with access to the jar can add memories. Cool video of your dog doing a somersault? Pic of the marker all over your 2-year-old's face? Quick text message to yourself or from someone else that made you laugh? Yep, add them all!
    Important: Once a memory is added, it is "locked away", time-capsule-style, until the jar is set to be revealed.
  3. The jar closes: Once a jar is "closed", no new memories can be added. Then when the jar is ready to be viewed, you'll see a slide show of all of the memories put into the jar. Pretty cool!

How did you come up with this?

My family loves traditions, and at some point the awesome jar became one!

Throughout the year, we write notes and put in the jar awesome things that happen: anything minuscule, dangerous, happy, stealthy, sad, important, hilarious, mushy, joyous... Anything and everything!

The notes remain locked away in the jar until New Year's Day dinner, when we shake it up and dump out all the memories. Everyone grabs random notes and starts reading them. We laugh and try to guess who put each memory in the jar, and we revel in the memories we've created, both together and apart.

My sister slapping me with that beef tongue is one of the best memories I have involving the grocery store. If i didn't put it in my jar, I might forget it... Well, maybe not, because it was hilarious. But maybe I would have forgotten that she brought me flowers on my birthday.

Throughout 2018, my sister was out of town a lot, and she called me and mentioned something awesome that happened to her. I said, "Make sure you put that in the jar!" After a brief pause we both laughed and said, "We need an app for that!" She didn't know if she'd remember to do it when she got home and was exhausted from traveling and a dozen other things had happened. Sure we can carry around a notebook for our awesome notes, but what is this... 1980?

Thus, Awesome Jar was born and app-ified!